Summer Stock-up: Reading

As a kindergarten teacher one of the things I love the most is teaching kids how to read!  There is really nothing quite like it.  At the beginning of the year you hear "but I don't know how to read."  By the end of the year they are reading!  The joy on their faces, the self-confidence that is built, the skill they will use the rest of their life - there really is nothing quite like it!

One of the most important aspects of teaching beginning readers is sight words.  Those pesky words in the English language that just don't follow the rules.  Boy do we have a lot of them too!  I also like teaching high frequency words - those words most often found in children's books.  Both of these give beginning readers a solid foundation on which to build and allow them to pick up a book and find words they know.  Both are so important in building reading fluency too!

So today I want to share with a kid tested and teacher approved way to master those sight words and high frequency words.

I LOVE using a Multi-Sensory approach to learning in my classroom.  It is a great way to help all learners, regardless of their dominant learning style, to learn and master concepts.  Here's what one of these pages looks like:

Each page gives your students 7 ways to practice reading and writing the word.  I begin these pages whole group in my classroom.  Why?  I want to train my students to do the page.  Here's what we do. First, point to the word in the box and read it.  Then we trace it with our finger.  Next, trace the word with a pencil on the dotted lines, then write the word on the lines with your pencil.  Now for the class favorite - Rainbow Writing.  I teach my kids that this is not coloring.  We use crayons to write the word inside the bubble letters with at least 3 different colors.  Then we practice reading the word as we search for it amongst other words.  I tried to put other words in the search box that look similar to the target word just to make sure students are reading through the word and not just looking at the first letter.  Last, we build the word.  In the available letters I always try to include letters that are similar or have common mistakes. This is just another way to help them master their letters too!

After doing these pages whole group, the page then goes into an independent word work center for the remainder of the year.  It usually takes 3-5 whole group pages before I know they are ready to do them independently the right way.  Yes - I have control issues sometimes!

Here's a finished page that was done independently.

My students LOVE these pages.  They love all the different things they get to do in one center!  As the teacher I LOVE them too!

In my TpT store you can find sets for many of the most common sight word/high frequency word lists.  I have a set for Fry's First 100 Words, the Dolch Word List, common kindergarten words, common first grade words and more.  I am also happy to put together a custom set with your school specific sight words too!  Stop by and check them out!