Look What I Spotted . . .

So I ran in to Target to do a little Father's Day shopping and I HAD to do a quick browse through the Dollar Spot.  There were so many great things for the classroom that I wanted to share them with you!  Then I got to thinking - "I bet other people find great deals too."  So I decided to not only post about my finds, but set-up this linky so that you could share your great finds too!  If you are looking for classroom bargains - this is the place to be!

It's that time of the year when teachers start thinking about the new school year that is approaching.  Yes, we know that we should be taking a mental break and enjoying summer - but thinking ahead and planning just seems to always happen.  So if that is you, here's some great deals for the classroom!  I spotted all of these deals today (June 19, 2015) in the Target Dollar Spot.

I found lots of great math items.  The Fruits and Numbers domino game would make a great independent math center to help with counting, number identification and matching numbers to sets.  I love the jumbo coins and bills!  I don't know about you but my kiddos need lots of practice with money and these are great to display or use in centers.  The jumbo foam dice would make even the most mundane math center lots of fun!  The colorful foam counting blocks are perfect for little hands.  I always keep my manipulatives out for the students to grab any time they need.  You could use these for sorting, patterns, addition, subtraction, building graphs and more!

More math!  I loved this money counting set.  The set includes coins that you punch out for hands-on manipulatives and money counting cards.  Looks like a ready made center to me!  They also had lots of puzzles for only $1!  I really love these building blocks.  The pieces snap together for lots of fun creating.  The last picture shows a couple of things that were made using these blocks.  I bought some of these blocks not for a building center, but to use with my kinesthetic learners.  You know, the kids who always have to be doing something with their hands.  Well a couple of these to fiddle with while they are listening will be great.

As a kindergarten teacher I could always use more magnetic letters.  I really think they have feet and walk away at night!  This sentence building game is a great tool for young readers that are working on building good sentences.   The bottom row is some great primary lined dry erase boards.  You can get small ones (2 lines each) in a pack of 2 or 1 large board.  I don't know about you, but when I say grab a white board and marker my kids would cheer!

There were also some great organization finds.  Some of these were $3 but a good deal nonetheless.  Every year I add more and more storage tubs and these are perfect.  I really love the chalk board labels.  The orange caddy makes a perfect desk organizer for supplies too.  I've used caddies like this for years and each thing has a place.  The small sections hold pencils and scissors and the large section glue.  They make it very easy to clean up and put supplies away.

Last were some great classroom decor finds.  I really love this felt BELIEVE banner.  Those primary colors will match many classrooms.  I also had to grab a couple more small pocket charts.  I use pocket charts like this to display my teaching objectives and vocabulary words.  I just had to include these primary colored pencil cutouts.  My first thought was to put them into a rainbow writing center. Last, I really like this dry erase banner that looks like paper.  It was very sturdy and would be a cute addition to any classroom!

That's all my bargain spotting for today - but keep watching there will be more by me and others.  Check back often to see the latest classroom bargain finds all listed in one place!

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