Back to School Shopping and Help Please!

OK - I need some help.  You see in January I started a new journey toward a healthier lifestyle.  I would not let myself buy new clothes until start of the new year.  I had so much fun shopping after losing 75 pounds.  I blogged about my shopping experience on my other blog I Can and So Can You. You can read the entire blog post here if you are interested.  But now I need your help deciding what to wear on the first day of school!  I guess after looking at the pictures I should say which of these chevron prints should I wear!  I never even noticed that until just now.  I do love me some chevron!  Leave your vote in the comments and pick my First Day of School Outfit!  I'll reveal the winner on the first day of school!

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3
Thanks for your help!