You're Simply the Best!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!  I am so excited to have this opportunity to say Thank You to all teachers because you are simply the best.  **Que Tina Turner on Full Audio**  I have been able to get together with over 100 teachers & bloggers to bring you The Best for the Best blog hop and giveaway!  What exactly is this - well it's 106 teachers & bloggers that have donated for you one of the best selling items from their Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Make sure and enter the giveaways because there is some Ah-May-Zing things in there!  Additionally, many of these teachers have posted on their blogs about how they use their best selling product in their classroom!  There are also some freebies along the way!  So grab your drink of choice and snack and enjoy what these teachers have put together for you!

I want to kick it off with one my best selling items.

I love these sight word pages and so do my students!  It gives them an opportunity to learn their sight words using a multi-sensory approach. One little page gets your students reading, tracing, writing, searching, cutting and building the word.  Here's what a page looks like:

I don't know if you have copy limits at your school like I do, but I have to be very purposeful with every copy that I get.  I love that my kids get so much word practice, in so many different forms in one page!

So how do I use them in my classroom?  Well, as I introduce a word we do a page.  At the beginning of the year we do the first few pages whole group.  I walk my kids through the steps that I want them to follow.  Here's what I might say:  

Touch the word "see" in the box and read it. (Pause while kids read)  Now use your pencil to trace the word 2 times.  (Pause while kids write)  Now use your pencil and write the word "see" 2 times on the blank lines.  (Pause while kids write).  Now we are going to rainbow write.  You will need your crayons for this one!  Inside each letter you are going to write the letter.  Make each letter a different color so that it looks like a rainbow.  Make sure that you are writing the letters and not coloring the letters in.  (Model and pause so kids can rainbow write).  Next we are going to do a search for the word "see."  Look inside the big box and see if you can find the word and circle it. (Pause while kids complete).  Now I'd like you to use your scissors to cut out the letters at the bottom of the page.  (Pause while cutting)  Let's see if we can build the word "see" on your paper.  Don't forget you only need one small dot of glue.  Try to put the glue in the little circle. (Model and wait as kids complete).

The next few times I will ask "what do we do next?" and get the kids to help teach the process.  Just like anything else at the beginning of the year, I do lots of modeling.  Once the class seems to have it, I start putting these sheets into the Word Work drawer to be completed during our learning station rotations.  

I put a lot of emphasis onto sight words in my classroom because I feel that it one of the most important parts to building a solid foundation for reading.  Once they can recognize a few sight words, the world of reading really seems to open up.  They find sight words in books, in stores, on build boards, even on clothing.  Nothing helps a student feel more successful at reading then being able to read outside the classroom!  

If you are interested in trying out these sight word pages in your classroom, click the picture below for a Teacher Appreciation Freebie!

I  hope you enjoy using these in your classroom!  I know its not much but its my way of saying THANK YOU to all the amazing teachers out who work tirelessly day in and out and all the amazing teachers who read and support this blog.  From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!

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