April Trade and Grade

This is my first time participating in the Trade and Grade but I love the idea.  I love that someone else will be using something I created in the classroom and providing real life feedback.  This month I had the opportunity to trade products with Natalie Atkinson of The TLC Shop.  Natalie is a Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist and she has some amazing products in her Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Her products are not just for SLP's but great in the classroom too!

I had the opportunity to use Natalie's Minion Bingo and Minion CVC Word Bang Game.  My kids are CRAZY for minions right now this was perfect!

I used both of these sets with my guided reading groups and then with my tutoring group after school.  The minions were instant engagement!  This really helped my kiddos who needed practice with blending!  Well, it wasn't too long before my kiddos that have mastered blending were asking "when do we get to play the minion game?"  So I reviewed the rules, we played whole class, and then I set them free in centers to play. They did a great job independently playing. 

Insert here all the amazing pictures of my kids playing these games.  Sniff - Sniff!  Something happened on my phone and my pics are gone!  All gone!!!!  More sniffs!  So I guess we will have to play again tomorrow and I will take more pictures!  Check back Friday evening or Saturday and I will update this post with real life pictures from my classroom!!!  Trust me, you'd see nothing but smiling faces and engaged learners if the pictures were here!

My students and I both LOVED these games.  I love having all these cards with CVC words ready to go.  I have grabbed them to use in other lessons too (how would it change if we added sneaky e to the end, whole group reading) when I didn't have time to make my own cards.  These sets are fabulous!  If you would like to try out just click the picture below to download a free version of the bingo game!  Thanks for sharing this Natalie!!!

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