One Step Forward - Three Steps Back

Today was one of those days.  Yesterday was a great day and I should have known, but I let myself get excited thinking that in only 2 weeks and 2 days we were making great headway on this thing called kindergarten.  But alas, one step forward, three steps back.  That is where we were today - three steps back.  I am totally willing to take part of the blame - those darn hormones were starting up which always seems to make me less tolerable of everything.  I kinda wish I could look through reality glasses and take all the blame because then I'd have the power to fix it.  But I can't this time.  I have some sweet darlings that just like to do their own thing more often than not.  In years past, I have been known to find something new to "fix" it - but not this year.  I am sticking to my guns, reinforcing the expectations and just working REALLY hard to be consistent.  Then, I have to sit back and remind myself that these sweet babies, have only been in school 13 days and they have learned a lot.  I love the Pavlov type response I get when my timer goes off after table centers or when I blow my duck whistle (from the Duck Ride in Branson this summer)!  I love that I can see them working hard and wanting to try the new things I am putting before them.  As for some of the procedures, we are going back to basics - modeling and practice.  It will come in due time.

Here's a few of the things that we have been working on!

We started our math journals off with colors as we focused on a Color of the Day!
We practiced writing the color word and drawing items that are that color.  Even more important
we practiced using only one page at a time and using our pages in order.

We started using our new Calendar Notebooks.  This was something I wasn't brave enough to
try last year but really wanted to.  After attending Shari Sloan's session at I Teach K I jumped right in.  Love them!

We finished week 1 of writer's workshop and enjoyed some sharing time!
Yes, it is true - I somehow forget how exhausting the beginning of the school year can be.  I think it is kind of like childbirth!  Forgetfulness aside, it gets me every year.  I don't really even remember how long the exhaustion seems to last, but I know it gets better.  For now, I will keep plugging away during the day and going to bed early at night.  As tired as I am, I can't imagine waking up and going anywhere else tomorrow morning!

And this my friends, is a good example of why I love blogging!  It is so therapeutic to not only get my thoughts and feelings out, but also a good reminder of all the great things when I seem a little too focused on our one bad day!  Thank you for "listening" and hanging in there with me.  I hope when you have a rough day you remember all the good that has happened too.  It really does make things better.