Educents is a new favorite!

Earlier this spring a new internet based business started up called educents.  There was a lot of buzz in the teacher world about this company that was to be like Groupon for educational materials.  I LOVED the idea, but I am kind of cautious with internet start-ups.  I have had a couple bad experiences in the past and just wanted to watch for a little while.  About a month after opening I received an e-mail from an educents employee asking me if I would be interested in connecting with them on my blog.  My response - not yet!  I explained my past and that at that point I didn't feel comfortable recommending a company that I wasn't too familiar with and that I didn't have a personal experience with.  So I watched, I got their daily e-mails, I watched some more and then I bought something.  Then I bought something else.

Today I come to you to tell you how much I love this company.  All of my dealings with educents have been amazing.  The products that I have purchased have been fantastic and a great deal.  The website is super easy to navigate through and the daily e-mails keep me up to date of the latest and greatest offerings.  Like Groupon, each deal is only good for a set amount of time - but you can always find out how much time is left on the educents page.  The explanations are great, honest and straight forward.  I have yet to find something that is "talked up" but doesn't meet my expectations.  If you haven't tried educents yet, then I have a deal for you!  Click the picture below and sign-up for the daily e-mails.  By doing so you will get a $5 credit to use as you wish on educents! 

I loved what I saw with educents so much that I began talking to them about offering some of my digital products through educents.  What I love the most is that the discount is amazing and just in time for Back to School!  I put together some of my best selling TpT items into a Sight Word bundle and then let educents slash the price by 74%!!! 

In this bundle you get my biggest set of Multi-Sensory Sight Word Practice Pages for the complete Dolch sight word list.  That is 220 sight words.  Plus I have added my sets for color words and number words.  Pair this with the Sight Word Sticker Book for a fun and engaging way to get your kiddos to work on those sight words.

I hope that you will give educents a try and like me - find a new company that you love!