Currently . . .

Wow I can't believe it is already August.  But since it is I thought I would link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's Currently. 

Yes, I am currently listening to the hum of the computer but that is only because it is too early to multi-task.  Actually, in the last couple of minutes since I started this post, the birds have begun to chirp so now I have some of nature's music to listen too.  If you read between the lines you realize that I am up way too early for a summer morning and its all because "Back to School Brain" has set in. You know - the kind that turns on as soon as you turn over in bed or get up to potty in the middle of the night (never mind - TMI).  Please tell me I am not the only one with Back to School Brain!

I am loving that I still have a couple of weeks of summer before I officially start back. Now, don't get me wrong - I am already working in my classroom and working on school stuff at home.  BUT - I can do it on my time schedule.  I can work in my PJ's if I want to - not that I am though!  OK TMI - again!

Thinking - oh yes - its Back to School Brain.  No more explanation needed.

So many things I am wanting but the elves from Schoolgirl Style sound the best right now!  I have an overall decor that I LOVE with the art work of Eric Carle, and I love my colors (primarily blue with accents of green, orange and a little yellow), but I am just not great at the details.  You know - the ones that make a space go from ordinary to extraordinary!  For that matter, maybe the SGS elves could come to my house too! 

I am so blessed that the word NEED doesn't conjure up many things - in fact I don't really need anything except maybe my morning diet coke.  What's funny is that when I first thought NEED, I thought of all these petty little things and went "hey - those aren't needs" but my classroom shopping list could go on and on.  (Side Note: waking up too early has its effects, when I was typing my Currently it never dawned on me that right above Needing WAS Wanting).

My how my Back 2 School must haves have changed over the years.  It used to be a new backpack, cute clothes and a special notebook or pen.  Now it's comfy shoes on the top of the list.  Since it will be summer here in Texas until almost 2014 comfy sandals are a must.  Here's my favorite but all  (yes multiple pairs) are pretty worn down right now:
I {heart} Yellow box sandals.  Please don't say the FF word
because I can wear these to school since they are "fancy" sandals!
On the tile floors in my classroom these provide great
padding to walk around on all day.  Cute and Comfy!!!

If you know of any other comfy and cute sandals please let me know.  But they must fit my wide feet too!  Shopping for shoes is something I hate!

Second on my B2S list is organization.  The last couple of years I have really focused on setting up an organized classroom and I think it pays off!  This year I have added these amazing rolling storage from Michaels:

I went with 3 of the rainbow carts and 2 of the white carts with the larger drawers (on the right).  The two white carts will hold my math tubs and word work tubs for our learning stations.  The rainbow ones will hold: 1- supplies at the writing center / creation station, 2 - my supplies for guided reading 2 drawers per group and will probably name the groups after the colors of the drawers just because, and 3 - supplies for my aide who comes in for a few minutes each day and general things the kids can get like band aids.  If you want some too don't wait!  They are still on sale at Michaels for 60% off - then use this week's 20% off sale item coupons for an AMAZING deal!  The sale ends tomorrow (Saturday, August 3) so add Michaels to today's TO DO list if you want some!

My last B2S is rest and energy.  I am afraid Back to School Brain will probably minimize that from now on - but at this point in time I feel like summer did its thing!  I am much more rested than I was at the end of May!  I am ready to go!  Between the slow down of summer and the excitement of I Teach K I can say I AM READY (mentally that is).  If you think my room is ready please see WANTING above, and if you think my lesson plans are ready you are just cray-cray! 

I hope you are ready too - or at least getting there.  I love B2S time and am getting excited to meet my new kiddos!

OK - now back to shoes.  If you have any recommendations for my wide size 10/11 feet please leave me a comment!