Back to School for Me

I have officially been back for 3 days now.  Just teachers for meetings, planning, team-building and finalizing but oh man - I am beat!  Despite that - it's way past my bedtime and I am still up working.  Can't wait to see how exhausted I am next week when the kiddos arrive!  I guess my summer schedule just wasn't quite up to getting me ready for back to school time.

My room is almost done - just in time too since Meet the Teacher is in 18 hours.  This weekend I will share more about my room.  I am really loving how it is coming together this year!  Here's a little sneak peek:

Up til now my attention has really been on my room.  Just when I think I'm done I find something (no lots of somethings) that I need to do.  But I guess that will go on the rest of the year so I might as well get used to it.  :-)  Tonight I have been working on Meet the Teacher stuff.  This I am trying something different, 6 stations to get everything done, instead of a letter with all the instructions.  I think too much reading leads to not doing anything.  I am hopeful that this new approach (thank you Pinterest) will lead to better success (i.e. getting cards filled out and turned in, finding out how everyone will be going home). 

My hope is that tomorrow I can finalize Meet the Teacher and actually begin to think toward next week.  I am realizing that the first week of kindergarten last year is just a blur in my memory.  It's kind of hard to improve on the previous when you can't really remember it!  What are your Go To activities for the first week of school?  Please share in the comments - I can't be the only one with a blurry memory!