B2S Sale Time

It's B2S Sale Time!  I stock up my wish list and wait as I'm sure many of you have too.  First I have to kinda apologize - the Teacher's Notebook sale is already going on and I didn't warn you about it.  I am so so sorry. It's not over though!  You can jump over to Teacher's Notebook and check it out.  There are lots of stores having sales, including mine with everything at 25% off.  But, I have to tell you about a new feature they have this year that I tried last night.  This year TN is doing a Build Your Own Bundle option. Yep, thousands of products to choose from and you choose the ones you like.  All the items you put into your bundle are 50% off!

You have to have at least $20 (sale price) to create a bundle.  I built my bundle and am so excited about the items I got. Here's my warning though, there are lots of items to go through.  I actually started looking and adding to my bundle and continued the process over 3 days!  I'm still not sure I actually went through all the pages.  I just kept the browser window open until I made my final purchase.  There are a lot of GREAT resources available.  Many of my Multi-Sensory Sight Word Sets are in there along with some of my Eric Carle Inspired classroom theme items.  I would highly suggest taking the time to browse this option because as far as I have seen, 50% off is the best B2S savings!

The next big sale starts Sunday!  This is the Teachers Pay Teachers B2S Sale.  Again, many stores will have their products marked down anywhere from 10% - 20%.  All of the items in my store will be 20% off.  But, use the TpT code BTS13 for an extra 10% off.  There are some good deals to be had in this sale too!

So as any good shopper would do, I stayed up late last night planning my strategy.  OK - that might be more Black Friday, but I did add some things to my Wish List.  I have some favorite teachers who only have stores on TpT so those are the ones I am focusing on.  This year I am looking at Deedee Will's Poetry Center bundle for the entire year and Hello Two Peas in a Pod's Phonological Awareness lessons for the year all based on read alouds.  These are both pricey items so 28% off makes a good deal.  (I don't know for sure if either of these products will be marked down 20% by the store though).  So, what's on your Wish List?