Love me some Washi

So I have been admiring all the beautiful washi tape for a while.  But I wouldn't buy it until I had an idea for it because if there is anything that will cause me to be a hoarder it is craft supplies and school supplies.  Then I remembered this:

These dressed-up clothes pins were on last summer's To Do list - but they never got done!  Every time I went to hand my student's work up in the hallway with stapler in hand I regretted not making them.  The picture above uses a modge podge technique with scrapbook paper.  Sounded like a lot of cutting and was probably why they never got done.  Fast forward to this summer and my new fascination with washi tape.  Why can't I do the same thing with tape.  Sounds mucho easier - at least in my head.

Weeelllllllllllllllll - it WAS!  The hardest part of this project was finding the washi tape I wanted to use.  I finally decided on a multi-colored polka dot that reminded me of the Eric Carle classroom.

When it came in the mail it didn't take but about 30 seconds for me to grab my purse and head to Dollar General because I NEEDED those clothes pins like now!  When I got home I pulled a TV tray into the living room and gathered my supplies.

This was seriously all that I needed.  Then it was time to get started.  I unrolled and cut a segment of washi tape that was a little longer than the clothes pin and placed it sticky side up.

Then I laid the clothes pin on top.  I matched the closing end with an edge of the tape and let the extra hang off the end that you pinch.


After that, I pressed the tape down on the front and then folded and pressed it over on the sides.  (Like I said - I was looking for easy.  You could easily trim the extra off - but that sounded like too much work!)

Once everything was pressed down, it looked like this.
I folded the 2 edges down and then tucked the excess inside the "pinching area."  That's it - Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
In a little over an hour I finished 70 clothes pins - all while watching TV!  And - I have to say that all that was done with less than 1 roll of washi tape.  I wasn't sure how much there was when I ordered it so I bought 4 rolls.  I had plenty!
The only thing I have left to do is hot glue thumb tacks to the back of 44 of them.  These clothes pins are going to be on my hallway bulletin board where I display student work.  Each student will have 2 clothes pins and instead of stapling and unstapling all year - I will hang the work by the clothes pins.  I promise to show pictures when it's done.
Yes - I can hear you saying "what are you going to do with the other ones?"  Well, right now my thought is to add magnets to the back.  I think I am going to put a cute little welcome note or my contact information, or something of the sort and give them to the parents at Meet the Teacher Night.  Not for sure yet, but I'll let you know what I decide on. 
I also want to share something I found at Dollar General for $1!!!!
This is a set of 4 frames and 24 tags to label whose work it is.  Here's my quandary and I need your help.  Do I display 6 - 8 for Star Quality Work or do I give one to each student to display their best work?  Please help me decide by leaving a comment with your thoughts.

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