Love me some back to school sales!

So a few weeks ago I posted on my little secrets for Back to School shopping.  If you missed it you can find it by clicking here.  Well, so far this year I have been pretty disappointed in the sales.  But this morning, I checked the ads and was so excited to find some great deals.  Here's what I will be shopping for this week!  My first stop, right after church, will be Office Max.  This is the week I have been waiting for - free backpacks!  Well - not free upfront, but you get the full price back (-$0.01) in the MaxPerks.  I love getting that October Max Perks because it is usually a good one!  I am also excited to find 1 inch 3 ring binders on sale for $1.00!  This year I will be delving into the world of interactive calendar time using calendar notebooks.  These will be perfect!  And I love the 1 cent deals this week. For some reason, scissors are a hot commodity in my room and I need some to have on backup!  The Pencil Pouches will be great in my calendar notebooks and just think of all the fine motor practice with those hole punches!
I love the coupons on the bottom.  One of them if FREE highlighters!  My first trip in a few weeks ago my plan was to grab the coupons from the ads they always have in the store.  Well - that ad didn't have the coupon.  The associate helped me print one from online.  This time I will be prepared!  I also love the deal on Avery Labels!  Get the full price minus 1 cent back in Max Perks.  I use lots of labels during the school year and this is a great way to stock up!

Now this page got me really excited!  I do a lot of color printing to get ready for the year.  Color copies are just expensive - but not any more expensive than printing in color from home!  So half price color copies is just perfect!  This is another Max Perks Reward so you have to pay up front but just think of all that free stuff (ink, in the past I have bought gift cards with my Max Perks, Christmas gifts, etc.) that will come in October.
If you are in need of paper, here's a great deal on a full ream of paper.

So those are my must buys this week at Office Max.  But I am also headed to Michaels.  I have been looking at these amazing storage drawers and this week they are 40% off on sale.  But, it gets even better - scroll down to see!

There it is!!!!! An additional 20% off EVERYTHING!!!!!!  Now, I don't know if they will do the 20% and the 15% teacher discount together, but it never hurts to ask.
I haven't priced out the storage drawers yet, but I heard through the grapevine that Sam's Club has them for $25.  I don't have a Sam's Club membership so I am starting with Michaels. 
Those were my exciting finds for the week.  I have been unimpressed with Staples and Office Depot so far this year.  Although I did read from Little Miss Kindergarten that next Sunday, Aug. 4, is supposed to be the best prices from Office Depot for the summer!  Can't wait to see!
Do you have anything specific you are looking for this year?  What about some great deals you've found?