We do it becuase we are teachers!

The last 12 months have been filled with teachers that have stepped up beyond the call of duty to be heroes!  I am proud to be in this profession and awed by the selflessness of these and so many other teachers.  It is truly an honor to call these heroes my peers!  With the latest devastating acts in Moore, Oklahoma many teachers, through Teachers Notebook, have teamed up to create a great way to raise money for the teachers and schools effected by the tornadoes.  Visit Teachers Notebook to buy an amazing bundle of teaching resources starting at just $20.  Any donation of $20 or more will receive all of the items in the bundles.  As of right now, the bundle is valued at over $1,900 in resources.  100% of the money raised will go directly to Moore, Oklahoma!   I love being part of an opportunity to give back to others.  I have donated 2 items to the bundle: Sight Word / High Frequency Word Sticker Book, and Color Word Sight Word Practice Pages.  Click the picture below to make your donation.

The bundle will only be available until May 28, 2013, so don't wait!