March Of the Month

Well, its that time again!  The beginning of a new month means its time to set a new Of the Month product.  I have to say that I absolutely love doing this.  Every time I get a notification that one of the Of the Month products sales I get so excited because I know that all the proceeds go to help others. 

The February Of the Month product was my Sight Word / High Frequency Word Sticker Book.  Through this little program I will be donating $30 to Team KaRE in their Race for the Cure journey.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who purchased the Sight Word Sticker Book.  I hope your students are enjoying it as much as mine are! 

Now it's time for this month's Of the Month.  March to many of you means gearing up for state testing.  I have decided that this month's Of the Month product will be a fun and engaging Reading Jeopardy game designed for reviewing and preparing for testing.  This is a Powerpoint game in the style of Jeopardy (minus the asking in question format).  I have played this with my 3rd graders with great success.  My students have always loved it and sure makes test prep a lot more fun than yet another reading passage!

The skills covered in this game are word meanings/context clues, fact or opinion, cause and effect, reading for details, inferencing and main idea.  Just click on the picture above to get more information about this great review lesson. 

How do you like to prepare for state testing?