Birthdays in Kindergarten are fun - even 40!

Had such a great birthday today!  I wasn't so sure when I work up this morning to find this (#3) in my e-mail:

I have finally gotten to a good place about 40 - and the word Senior was not in my mind!  But things quickly improved.  First, I got to wear blue jeans today because it was my birthday.  So any day in jeans is already a great day.  Then during announcements they announced my birthday to which the following conversation was had:

Student:  Mrs. Biddison - it's your birthday!
Me:  It is?
Student:  Yeah!  I heard it on the announcements!

These cute kinder kiddos always keep me laughing on the inside!  Throughout the day I had lots of random hugs and gifts.  Here's just a few:

Flowers from Dad - He knows I LOVE tulips!

A wall hanging from my Secret Pal.  Isn't this just an amazing quote!

A heart with wings!

This is what's left from birthday with my team!

And just is case I wasn't convinced that it was a good day - it is because I am 40!

Some Magic Cake that I had to share in the name of science. 

So one of my sweet boys brought me the big pictured above.  In the bag was 2 boxes of cake mix, a tub of frosting and 2 nail polishes!  Well the nail polish is a necessity because flip flop weather is quickly approaching.  The rest of the bag was the makings for Magic Cake! 

I first learned of Magic Cake at Christmas when I got a mug, a bag of magic cake, and some frosting.  This is just the most amazing things I've seen in a long time.  After today, it will become part of my classroom birthday ritual every year as a science experiment.  Great way to review states of matter!

To make the magic cake mix all you need is one box of Angel Food cake mix and one box of any other kind of cake mix.  Dump the two cake mixes into a bag and mix up well.  That makes your basic cake mix.  From here it's easy - just remember 3-2-1!  You need 3 tablespoons of cake mix, 2 tablespoons of water (into a cup or mug).  Stir well then put in the microwave for 1 minute.  That's it - magic cake!  Works like a charm every time and boy were the kids impressed!  So we finished our day with a little Magic Cake science lab and then shared the sweet treat to celebrate. 

Do you do anything to celebrate your own birthday in your class?