Valentine's is Coming - Are You Ready?

One week and counting to Valentine's Day - are you ready? So Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday.  I know I appear to be the strange on in the bunch.  But, that being said, any day is more fun in kindergarten!  I am actually looking forward to doing some fun Valentine activities with my students.  Do I even need to say that most of these are inspired by Pinterest?!? 

The kids are bringing in a cereal box and we are going to make our Valentine's boxes.  These are so stinkin' cute!
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We are actually going to make a combination of the two.  I love the kids real pictures but I also love the Valentine wrapping paper to add some pattern to the box.  So that is my plan.  I have some amazing Moms (both teachers at my school) who are providing the paper and the wrapping service.  That leaves us a fairly easy project to complete in class!

I also want my kids to make a special Valentine for their parents.  My plan right now is a Valentine that I made a few years ago with my son for his grandparents.  The card says "I Love You This Much" and it has 2 hands attached to the end of ribbon.  The ribbon is measured to be the same size as the child from hand to hand.  In the middle is a large heart that says "I Love You This Much!"  I think of it as a hug, all wrapped up in a card.  Here's one I found without the heart.  I love the kids handwriting on this one so I may have to see if I can find some cash register or calculator paper (the kind that comes in the roll) to use instead of ribbon.  Add a heart body with a face and maybe some legs and I think it will be adorable.  Like the project above - a mix of these two pictures.  If put something together before the night of February 13th I will share it.  Still in the planning phases right now.


I'd also like to do something more arty than crafty.  I saw these heart paintings on Pinterest and I love them.  Make sure to click the picture to go the website it originally came from.  There is a great how-to for making these.  This is going to be a perfect art lesson!

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I'd also like to try this project.  We have a 3rd grade buddy class and this would be just perfect to do together!

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Students create their layered heart then cut into fourths and swap.
For these and more Valentine ideas for the classroom make sure to visit and follow my Pinterest Valentine Board.  Just click the heart below to get there!

Last but not least, I have created my Valentines for my students.  I designed them to be printed as a 4x6 photo.  I love them!  You can get them too.  Just click on the picture to go to my TpT store.

What are your favorite Valentine projects?

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