So long blog post . . .

So I was so excited to update our Valentine's projects.  I took pictures and thought everything out, then Saturday happened.  Saturday morning I head out to my son's first karate tournament.  If you know me, or are anything like me, we made the mandatory stop at McDonald's for a large cup of the best diet coke in the world.  (I don't know what they do - but they have the best mix of bubbles - hands down)!  So run in, run out, diet coke in the drink holder and we are off.  Fast forward 1 mile down the freeway and I pick up my drink only to have it spew diet coke all over me and my white shirt!  The awesome hubby puts the drink back in the holder and I immediately plug the hole with my finger (can't lose too much of the ever important morning caffeine!).  I decided for a quick change at the local Target store - must have new shirt.  I take care of changing clothes and hubs takes care of salvaging as much diet coke as possible in another cup.  Jump back in the car to find that my phone apparently has a taste for diet coke too!  Apparently all the spewing diet coke ended up in a little section next to the drink holder that I like to call my phone holder!  Well, at first glance I knew it wasn't good.  Within a moment it read "Invalid SIM" and a moment later - NOTHING!  Still can't get the thing to turn on.  So long story short - just got the new phone in but lost pictures and videos that were supposed to be posted here instead of this story. 

What did I learn - don't sweat the small stuff - and the phone, pictures, videos, are all just stuff!  But what would a blog post be without at least one picture?  So here it is - my favorite picture from Saturday!

Two second place medals in his first tournament!  So proud of my little guy. 
Thanks for indulging me.  Hopefully my phone was backed-up some time in recent history and I can post what I originally planned in a couple days.