Singing Sight Words and a Birthday Invite!

So as usual, in all my free time, I found myself browsing around on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I stumbled upon the store of a fellow teacher in my district that I used to teach with.  What a coincidence!  He is a fantastic music teacher and has started writing original songs to help students learn their sight words.  Long story short, I emailed him to place a custom order song that would match our school district's kindergarten sight word list.  Man oh man is it amazing!  My students love it and in beg to sing it over and over again.  I love that the pace of the song is slow because it really gives all my kids (even those struggling with sight words) time to read the word and make the brain connection with the music!  I have my kids sing and point to the words the first time through.  Then I pick someone who was working really hard the first time to be the official pointer as we sing it a second time.  In just 2 weeks I have seen an improvement, especially in my lower kids.  They are recognizing more and more words on a daily basis.  Here's a glimpse into our sight word song:

I am positive that your kids will love this too!  Isn't everything better with music?  I know that the kids seem to pick things up so quickly when it is with a song or chant and this is no exception.  Go visit Mr. Teague's store and check out the amazing sight word songs he has!  The sight word songs are only $1.00!  That is a GREAT investment toward helping your kids learn those words.

and now for part 2:

I have a birthday coming up and I'm not looking so forward to it.  This year is the dreaded 4-0!  I can't believe it and am having a hard time changing my thought perception of what 40 really is!  In my head, its old.  I don't feel old, and don't think I look that old either, but my brain keeps saying I'm old.  So instead of moping and fretting, I'm throwing a virtual birthday party instead!  Make sure you come back and visit me on Monday, March 4 for a virtual birthday party filled with lots, I mean LOTS, of goodies and a huge giveaway!  That's all I'm gonna say for now!

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