Of the month . . .

Well, it's that time again.  January has come to a close and I was so excited to count up my sales from my January Of the Month product.  I intentionally don't check the numbers throughout the month because - well, it's just more fun this way.  This month, thanks to you, I will be donating $150.00 to Go Ministries! and their new school feeding program.  Here's a little video they created about the new program.  I am so glad to be part of this!

For February I am going to be donating to my school's Race for the Cure Team.  Every year they do all types of fundraisers to raise money.  Our students just finished a coin drive for the cause.  Now I am going to do my part.  All sales from my Sight Word / High Frequency Sticker Book will be donated to Team KaRE. 

I started the year using this sticker book in my student's nightly reading bags.  I opted for this in lieu of flash cards.  My kids just love earning the stickers when they have mastered a word.  They also earn a "big" sticker at the bottom of the page when they learn the entire page of words.  We do our weekly and daily activities with sight words in class, but much of this is done at home.  I encourage my kids to read through their words every night.  I encourage the parents to mix it up so the kids don't just memorize the words in order.  Once a week, the student's have a chance to "test" for me or a parent volunteer.  I do not quiz them off their sticker book.  I have flash cards made up for each word.  I go through the flash cards in a random order.  If they know the word (I usually give a count of 3 in my head) they get the card, if they don't I get the card.  Why do I only give 3 seconds - well these are supposed to be words they read and recognize by sight.  At the end, they read me the words the got correct, I give them a sticker and they put it next to the word.

Why do I love this?  Well I've noticed that all it takes is a couple stickers to get even the most unenthusiastic student to be on board and working on their words.  I also love that I can easily differentiate for my students.  The beginning pages include the ABC's.  They have to tell me the letter name and the sound in order to earn a sticker.  I have a few students who are still working on these initial pages of the book.  Then I have other students who have mastered our kindergarten words and continuing to grow with more advanced words.  If this isn't easy differentiation then I don't know what is!

So give it a try.  The Sticker Book is only $2.00 in my Teacher's Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook stores.  Even better - if you buy in February all the money will go to the American Cancer Society.