The Best Science Lab Ever

Today was just an awesome day all around.  The kids were so focused on our learning and their behavior was out of this world.  I actually joked that aliens came and took my class and left me these awesome alien students.  They just giggled!

So we are learning all about water in science this week.  Today's task - the water cycle.  I have to say THANK YOU to one of my team members - Mrs. Munoz - for this awesome lab.  We created the entire water cycle in class.  The kids got to see every stage of the water cycle, which is just what they needed to understand things like evaporation and how clouds rain.  I was smart enough this time to get the video rolling.  So sit back for a few minutes and enjoy.  It is about 8 minutes long.  Though the presentation might not be much - the enthusiasm in the kids is great and the lab idea is spectacular!

Well - what did you think?  I don't know who loved it more - me or the students!

Here's a quick how to:  Heat water in a pot on a hot plate.  We actually started this before the video started.  While the water was heating we used the time to review what we had learned about the water cycle.  The kids created this poster of the water cycle while we were waiting.

Once I noticed that the evaporation had started we headed back and started the video.  The black back drop really helps the students see the evaporation process.  Then it was time to create the cool air in the atmosphere.  I did this using a cake pan with ice in it.  It needs to be a metal pan so that the ice will cool the metal.  Then just hold the pan over the water vapor and let the rest happen.  This was a pretty easy lab but boy were the results amazing.  I have never seen students so happy to see it rain one drop at a time!  I'm pretty sure this is one thing they are talking about at the dinner table tonight!

What is an awesome science lab that you have done?  I'd love to add more teacher tested and kid approved science labs to my year!