Doing Some Blog Browsing

So I am feeling in a little creative rut - can't get the inspiration to create what I need for next week.  So when one of these ruts comes along I usually find myself browsing pinterest, which then leads to lots of blog browsing!  Then - before you know it - the afternoon is gone and . . . (I hope you know how that goes and that I'm not the only one to waste away an afternoon on the computer).  I thought I'd share some of the neat things I found while blog browsing today:

First up is a Happy 2013 Giveaway at The Peanut Gallery.  This giveaway is filled with lots of great gift cards.  Go take a peek and enter - it's really easy!


I also ran across this blog that caught my attention because of the title - The Traveling Classroom.  This homeschooling mom details their lessons and activities as the family travels Central America!  We have been to Costa Rica twice in the last 6 years and I LOVE the country.  It is beautiful, laid-back, interesting and the people are oh so amazing.  I just adore her cute toucan clip-art that she created!

There are so many awesome teacher bloggers out there!  I think we all deserve a little time to just blog browse with no specific purpose in mind!  What are your favorites places to blog browse?