Counting Down to 100 Days!

I am so excited - Friday is our 100th day of School.  I love this day because it gives the students a chance to celebrate all of their hard work so far during the year.  This is a must do holiday in my classroom.  As a third grade teacher I would challenge my students to do things in sets of 100.  We actually got more work done that day than any other because we would complete 100 math problems (mostly word problems), we would write 100 words, we would read for 100 minutes and more.  Now we wouldn't do it all in one sitting.  We would split it up and put some fun activities in as well.  Every year I did a 100 Challenge.  I would use my phone to make a designated sound to signal that it was 100 Challenge time, then we would see what we could do in 100 seconds (how many jumping jacks, how many sit ups, how many squats, how high we could count, how many times we could write our name in cursive, etc.)  The students love the 100 Challenge and I will definitely use it this year with my kindergarten kiddos too!  I also like to put out hands on activities like stacking 100 cups, completing a 100 piece puzzle, and making a 100 picture using die cut numbers 1-0-0 the students have to create a picture.  I don't have any pictures of my class from previous years doing this but I found these at Dandelions and Dragonflies.  Check out her post because she has a free 100 day packet to download that is perfect for the older grades!


Now that I am teaching kindergarten I will have to tweak my 100 Day activities. My grade-level team will be doing 100 Day Center rotations in the morning. This means that I will be in charge of one activity but will have all 5 kindergarten classes rotate through. This definitely helps in the planning. Most of the team is doing some kind of creation so I thought I'd do a more hands on activity and try stacking 100 cups with the kinder kids. My class loves building so I know they will love this.                                              

 In the afternoon we will be having a 100 Day Parade with first grade. The students are all making a 100 Poster and they will parade through the halls while the older grades cheer them on. They are really excited about this! That leaves me with the rest of the day to fill with 100 Day Activities. Here are some of the things on my list that I have added to my 100th Day of School Pinterest Board:

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I can't wait to add this to my door.
The kids are going to LOVE it!

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From Deanna Jump's blog.
When I am 100 paper tearing
activity.  I love have the
paper tearing makes the skin
looked wrinkled.
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Stacking 100 Cups for
our Kindergarten morning

I love the When I'm 100 Portrait.  This will take them a little while to complete too!  I also love the idea to have them write a bucket list for things I want to do before I'm 100.  Here's my writing prompts for the 100 Portrait.  Click on the pictures to download.


The other thing I love (my son did it when in kindergarten) is I want 100 ________________, but not 100 ___________ papers.  That is on my list of things to create this week.  I will post it as soon as it is complete.  OK so creating this was more fun than finishing lesson plans.  Just click on the picture below to download your own copy.  SIDE NOTE:  My son's paper now hangs next to my Dad's desk because he wants 100 Papa's!  But it's not always so heart warming.  I found this little "funny" posted on Pinterest and listed as a writing FAIL.  You know you are a kindergarten teacher when you read it phonetically and know exactly what they meant.  I actually had to go back a couple of times before I realized why it was posted on a board called Things that Made Me Laugh.

Here's my version.  Just click on the picture
to download!
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If you already have had your 100th Day what were your favorite activities?  If yours is still to come what are you looking forward to doing with your kiddos?

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