Woo Hoo its Sale Day!

It used to be that I got excited over Black Friday.  Well now I get excited over Cyber Monday!  No lines, no waiting, no travel time, no going in to store just to find out they are sold out or don't have what I'm looking for.  All the way around online shopping, especially on the biggest online shopping sale, is a great thing all the way around! 

Today I will be working on the few remaining people on my Christmas list.  Yes, I said few remaining people.  It's not like I was really trying to get my shopping done early (although I love it) but I just kept running across the perfect gift for people.  But in addition to Christmas, I will be doing some shopping on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook!  What a great time to look through my Wish List and get some of those items I have been wanting.  Today is the first day of the TpT sale and the last day of the Teachers Notebook sale.  Don't forget to use the code CMT12 at TpT for an extra 10% off!


What will you be shopping for today?