Happy Thanksgiving

I love this time of the year!  I love that I get to take a break from the busy times of life, (I know - you're thinking the holidays are the busy times), but I mean the day to day repition of everyday, and just think about all the things I am so thankful for.  I love that I get to teach my kinder kiddos about thankfulness, why we should be thankful, and then practice bring thankful.  I just love the opportunity to give back and show others how much the little things they do make such a difference. 

After Halloween, I was ready to start focusing on Thanksgiving!  We had a nice little cold front here in Texas that actually made it feel like fall!  Thank you Mother Nature!  Then while browsing on Pinterest I saw this cute little guy from Twiggle Magazine

Thanksgiving Turkey craft

and it all began.  It dawned on me that I had about 14 pumpkins sitting in my classroom left over from all our pumpkin fun in the previous few weeks.  I decided we would kick off the Thanksgiving season by creating thankful turkeys.  We did this in baby steps - as I quickly learned that was a key to managing projects in kindergarten.  We started by discussing what it means to be thankful.  Then we brainstormed a list of people in our school that we were thankful for.  The kids did an awesome job and included everyone from the principal, our hallway custodia, the lunch ladies, the nurses, and even our 3rd grade buddy class.  Over the next week or so we colored and cut turkey heads and feathers.  Then we mixed them all up so that as we put the turkeys together there would be a little bit from everyone in each turkey.  One day we used our interactive Mimio to do a group writing.  We made a card that said "We are thankful for you.  Mrs. Biddison's Class."  I printed out the cards on my color printer (Thank you Donors Choose) and we attached it to the front of each turkey.  Then we anxiously awaited time to hand out the turkeys.  We stretched this out over a week and half by only handing out 2 turkeys a day.  We would go back to our brainstormed list of people and the kids would decide who they wanted to thank each day.  I would pick 2 kids to deliver the turkey and the rest of would wait on the official report.  We learned that showing others that we are grateful for them makes us feel good too!

Here are a couple of my sweet friends delivering one of our turkeys:
Everyone that received a turkey put it out somewhere on display.  The kids loved seeing their turkeys as we went about our day to day activities at school.  The sense of pride they had was amazing - and it was more than just "I made that."  This is one activity that will be used again and again!
As you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day today I hope that each of you has a wonderful day filled with family, friends and thankfulness!  Never underestimate the power or gratitude!
I am thankful to you for taking time to read my little blog, follow my teaching meanderings, and share your teaching tips and ideas through this world of teaching blogs.