States of Matter - Pumpkin Style

I have to start by saying that I really thought I would get to teach with themes in kindergarten.  I was a little disappointed to hear over and over "that's not in our TEKS."  So once I was a few weeks in and had my head wrapped around what this kindergarten thing was going to look like, I have begun doing my best to incorporate seasonal themes into my TEK based lessons.  Here is one of my attempts. 

We had a great time exploring with pumpkins and states of matter.  The class could not wait to cut up our first pumpkin!

We got messy and scooped everything out with our hands.  So much fun!!! 

Then we started scooping out the fruit.  Most of it went into my crock-pot, however, we saved a chunk to cut up so we could try pumpkin as a "solid." 

Only a couple of thumbs up for raw pumpkin.
Then we let the pumpkin cook all day while we counted pumpkin seeds and did our learning.  In the afternoon it was time to see what happened to the pumpkin when we "added heat" to it.  The kids loved seeing the pumpkin all mushy and liquidy.  We tried the cooked pumpkin and a few more gave a thumbs up.  Then we added some cinnamon and sugar to the "liquid" pumpkin.  I served it up on a graham cracker and it was a hit!  I don't even like pumpkin and I liked it!

Thumbs up was almost unanimous!
This was a fun and  yummy way to explore states of matter!  How do you teach states of matter in your classroom?  Please share!