You Do What You Gotta Do

So we have had this wonderful "cold" front come through this week. (Side note: Cold front in Texas in September usually means it will only be 90, but it is cooler than normal so I'll take it.)  As a normal person I love it, as a teacher I expect crazy!  Every teacher I know agrees that a change in barometric pressure or a full moon means a change in behavior for the kids.  Don't know why, can't explain it, but I know its true.  So knowing that I tried to prepare myself.  Well, I'm still adjusting my ideas, plans and expectations to kindergarten.  So when faced with two precious kiddos that just couldn't keep their hands to self during carpet time, I did the first thing that popped into my mind.  I grabbed a Sharpie, thought twice, put it back and grabbed a pen, then did this:

Then I said "J" you sit by my foot with the J.  "F" you sit by my foot with the F.  Then I continued teaching with two little bodies stuck to my feet.  It actually worked and helped.  Fast forward to after school when one of my team members asked "What's that?"  I explained my impromptu classroom management, a little proud of my idea and how well it worked, just to hear this:  "You know the J is backwards, right?"  Nope!  Never realized it.  I looked just fine to my from my view!  Hopefully I haven't scarred J for life and I will be watching for the letter J reversal in his handwriting!