Sight Word practice

Last week we did our first shared reading book and introduced our first two sight words, I & see.  I want my kids to continue practicing those words so I went to my trusted source - Pinterest.  I had pinned a couple different ideas for sight words and I merged and morphed and this is what I came up with:

I will follow this set-up for all the sight words we learn so that the class can eventually become independent with this task in a sight word center.  To start out with we will do it together.  Great practice for cutting and gluing too!  By the way, the little circles inside the Build the Word squares are for glue dots.  This week I will be teaching my kids that "just a dot does a lot" and I wanted to add that to reinforce our glue dot lesson.  Click on the picture above to get your own copy of the page.  If you like it, more will be coming soon!  How do you reinforce sight words for your class?

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